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    • Clinical and economic outcomes associated with malnutrition in hospitalized patients 

      Ruiz, Álvaro J.; Buitrago, Giancarlo; Rodríguez, Nelcy; Gómez, Gabriel; Gómez, Carlos; Partridge, Jamie; Sulo, Suela; Misas, Juan; Dennis, Rodolfo; Alba, Magda Jeannette; Chaves Santiago, Walter; Araque, Carolina (The European Society for Clinical Nutrition and MetabolismReino Unido, 2019)
      Background & aims: Hospitalized patients show a high rate of malnutrition, which is associated with poor patient outcomes and high healthcare costs. However, relatively few studies have investigated the association between ...
    • Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in scholars from Bucaramanga, Colombia: a population-based study 

      Villa-Roel, Cristina; Buitrago, Adriana; Rodríguez, Diana; Martínez, María P.; Cano, Diana J.; Camacho, Paul A.; Ruiz, Álvaro J.; Durán, Álvaro E. (BioMed Central Ltd .Part of Springer NatureReino Unido, 2009-04)