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    • Alzheimer’s Disease Dementia Guidelines for Diagnostic Testing: A Systematic Review 

      Arévalo Rodríguez, Ingrid; Pedraza, Olga L.; Rodríguez, Andrea; Sánchez, Erick; Gich, Ignasi; Solá, Iván; Bonfill, Xavier; Alonso Coello, Pablo (Sage PublicacionesReino Unido, 2013-01-02)
      Alzheimer’s disease dementia (AD dementia) is one of the most common neurodegenerative diseases worldwide, with a growing incidence during the last decades. Clinical diagnosis of cognitive impairment and presence of AD ...
    • Strategies for monitoring and updating clinical practice guidelines: a systematic review 

      Martínez García, Laura; Arévalo Rodríguez, Ingrid; Solá, Iván; Haynes, R. Brian; Vandvik, Per Olav; Alonso Coello, Pablo (BioMed CentralReino Unido, 2012-11-19)
      Background: Scientific knowledge is in constant change. The flow of new information requires a frequent re-evaluation of the available research results. Clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) are not exempted from this phenomenon ...