Recent Submissions

  • Linfoma primario no Hodgkin de próstata: reporte de un caso 

    Martín, Oscar D; Wadskier, Luis Alfredo; Quiroz, Yesica; Bravo, Heilen P; Cacciamani, Giovanni; Umaña, Paola; Medina, Luis (e cancerReino Unido, 2017)
    This report is of a 68-year-old male patient with a three-year history of severe, progressive, low urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) with a score of 20 points on the International Symptom Scale. The patient received alpha-1-blocker ...
  • Gastrocystoplasty and Hematuria-dysuria Syndrome. What Role Plays Helicobacter Pylori? Case Report and Literature Review 

    Aponte Varón, Hernán Alonso; Clavijo Rodríguez, Rafael Andrés; Quiroz, Yesica Jazmín; Dallos, Diego F.; Ruiz, William N.; Ramirez-Troche, Nelson E.; Martín Garzón, Oscar Darío (ElsevierEstados Unidos, 2015-03-21)
    49 years male, who comes to the urology department, complaining of 8 months of lower abdominal pain, burning and oppressive type, of variable intensity reaching 9/10, which is occasionally exacerbated by urination, ...